Research and Development (R&D)

32013914_lThe in-house R&D and innovation programmes at West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited (WBCIL) have been the key catalyst for its marked rise from a small unit in 1962, on the outskirts of Kolkata India, to one of the most successful and reputed companies in the field of APIs, Fine Chemicals, Food Additives and Neutraceuticals, worldwide.


Starting off in 1962 with only a handful of Fine Chemicals whose technology and processes were implanted by its German owners from its parent facility at Emmerthal-Germany, WBCIL today boasts of a portfolio of 116 products spanning a wide range of therapeutic and conventional use. This, a result of a relentless desire and dogged perseverance to broaden the product-base and also to improve on the established processes for higher productivity. While conventionally R&D is often thought of as synonymous with high-tech firms that are on the cutting edge of new technology, WBCIL continues to spend considerable sums of money on improving old products and processes culminating into validated manufacturing processes with validated analytical methods resulting in higher productivity and improved quality.


t0126A vibrant team of Scientists under a strong corporate leadership spearheads this urge for innovation both in        technology as well as in processes, so that the aspirations of both the Customers and the Shareholders are met.





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