Nicorandil is used in pharmaceutical drug known as vasodilatory drug used in preventing and treating chest pain from Angina. Doctors usually prescribed the medicine when other heart medicines don't work. WBCIL manufactures Nicorandil IP/BP for pharma use. JP under R&D

Product Brief Description

General Information

Molecular Formula – C8H9N3O4

Molecular Weight – 211.175 gm/mol

CAS No – 65141-46-0

Shelf Life – 36 months

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Storage Condition – Keep Well Closed, protected against light, dry and at room temperature


1. Description A white to off white powder.
2. Identification

a) IR



a) IR of the sample should match with the IR of the standard.

b) The retention time of the principal peak in the chromatogram obtained with the test solution corresponds to the principal peak in the chromatogram obtained with the reference solution.

3. Water Content ( By KF ) NMT 0.3% w/w
4. Heavy Metal NMT 20.0 ppm
5. Sulphates NMT 0.04%
6. Sulphated Ash NMT 0.1% w/w
7. Related Substances

(a)Individual Impurity (b)Total Maximum Impurities


a) NMT 0.2%

b) NMT 0.6%

8. Assay by HPLC (On Anhydrous Basis) 98.0% -102.0 % w/w


Category Description
Pharmaceutical & Drugs

Nicorandil is used in pharmaceutical related drugs (Vasodilatory drug which is used to prevent & treat chest pain caused by Angina - a symptom of coronary artery disease).

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Additional Information.

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