Sodium Butyrate


Sodium Butyrate is used in pharmaceutical drugs to improve passive absorption of water in the colon. Also improves cognitive function in Schizophrenia. Another use is feed additives to prevent colon cancer in animals. Also available as USP, food grade, coated, encapsulated, microencapsulated & pellets

Product Brief Description

General Information

Molecular Formula – C4H7NaO2

Molecular Weight – 10.09 gm/mol

CAS No – 156-54-7

Shelf Life – 36 months

HSN Code –  2915.6010

Packing Size – 20/25 kg in HDPE bag/drum

Storage Condition – Keep Well Closed, protected against light, dry and at room temperature


1. Description White free flowing powder, with occasional friable lump, odour characteristic.
2. Solubility Soluble in water
3. Identification Positive for Sodium & Butyric Acid.
4. pH (of 10% solution in water) 7.0 – 11.0
5. Heavy Metals (as Lead) NMT 10 ppm
6. Arsenic NMT 3 ppm
7. LOD (at 105°C till constant weight) NMT 3.0% w/w
8. Assay (On Dried Basis) 98.0% w/w – 101.0% w/w


Category Description
Process Regulator

Accelerators, activators, oxidation agents, reducing agents, etc.


Paper Manufacturing.

Bio Chemistry

HDAC (Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor).


Dietary Supplements, increased passive absorption of water in the colon, Improves memory function in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model, Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) & Crohn's Disease, Improving Cognitive Function In Schizophrenia, Induce Pancreatic Progenitor formation, Inducing Obesity.

Feed Additives

Animal Nutrition, Promotes the growth performance of weaning pigs, Prevent Colon Cancer on animals.


High Fungus killing rate and Low Toxicity which helps in high quality of agricultural products, fruits and vegetables.

Additional Information

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